Actually Typing B
The New Thing We Do

The end of the school year approaches and Charlie tries to hold on

I thought I heard Charlie cracking a knuckle at 3.30ish. He was up, showered and dressed at 5am and we went for a walk in the cool morning air. He was hungry and had a big breakfast including some of the rice and lop cheung sausage I also spooned into a metal container for his lunch. We have our sidewalk back now that the town maintenance workers have removed the yellow barriers and police tape and it was good to wait on it and watch for the bus and, after Charlie was home smiling after school in the afternoon, to stand and look up the street for Jim to come home off the train.

In the morning, Charlie had had that little frisson of worry look in the minute before the bus came. Perhaps from realizing just then he was tired and had the full school day ahead of him?

It was a predictor.

He got very agitated, very out of the blue, at about 11am. His teacher and I couldn't hone in on an exact cause but (based on his morning hunger) speculated about a stomach issue and maybe him not feeling well overall, plus Charlie sensing the end of the school year. He has summer school but not with his same teacher (who is not teaching this summer).

I noted that change is good for Charlie, ultimately, though tough in the short run.

Jim came home and the afternoon passed without incident with a bike ride (a little less easy-going-ish), a little typing, and two walks during the second one of which Charlie kept up a low groan. I could see the moon was on its way to growing full -- the sky was brighter -- I texted 'groaning' to Jim who met us on the path near our house.

Charlie tried bed and sleep but was wakeful and came down the stairs.

He threw a pot of water and rice from the counter then stood in the living room and started giggling, his eyes darting from here to there. He took a stepforward and pulled down a pressboard tv stand (tv-less as we don't have one anymore but filled with a few books and old board games). Books were cleared off the piano and Jim stepped beside Charlie and the piano remained upright.

Charlie sat in the brown chair and hung his head low. After 15 minutes he wanted to go to his room but we said we would all sit together for 15 more minutes and we did. Then Charlie went up to bed.

Jim sat beside him for while, in quiet.



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