In Golden Light Just Like the Stories Tell Of
Done On His Own

Weathering It

Summer school (all 2 days of it) has been good, a bike ride was good, a trip to get groceries was good even though there were still none of Charlie's preferred crackers (my mom found some in California and sent two boxes), two walks were good.
The weather pattern is not looking good. 96 degrees or some such is predicted for Friday and thunderstorms.
Due to this (we suspect) and the hot bike ride and still having a few more days of the antibiotic (Charlie's cheek is almost healed) and the fact that my parents are visiting in a week -- Charlie's anxiety about the good times always starts about a week in advance -- he is up past midnight or, the night wearing on, 1am 3 am -- I do diagnose some butterflies in the stomach and just some stomach twisting from the heat and rising humidity.
Totally reasons I'm very glad I decided to spend this summer at home and only trekking into Jersey City for Liberty State Park bike rides.


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