The Cruelest Month
Jersey City Variation, with Friends

3 Staples Out of 5

Almost every seat was taken in the pediatricians' waiting room. Charlie wanted to stand anyways and he therefore appeared even more as a giant redwood amid tiny toddlers on parents' knees and wobbly babies in arms. The one teenage boy was listening to his iPod and trying to appear as if he weren't there.

For some reason, only I was sitting on the low mini-bench for the preschool set so Charlie was quite looking down on me as he said variations on 'Rocco Portia!', the names of an uncle and his dog.

After we finally were ushered into an exam room, Jim noted that he had seen Charlie pullout a staple just before we went to the doctor. The nurse discovered that it was actually 2 that were gone and, with Charlie sitting at one end of the exam table, she handily pulled out the remaining 3 (whereas, last January, Charlie pulled all 3 out himself).

Then it was home for a bike ride with the Beatles playing.


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