Rage and Then New Music
Because You Can't Go 2 Days Without a Bike Ride

Archetypal Scene in the Bones

Back from a neurology appointment -- a 2-hour drive in each direction to and from South Jersey -- Charlie was moving slowly to go on a bike ride he had asked for. He had gotten his helmet on and gloves and suddenly ran out the door, across the street, swerved away from the neighbor's brown car and rolled ferociously on another neighbor's lawn, reached to bite, ripped off his helmet and gloves and under-the-helmet-cap and threw them. After five minutes, we walked back into our house.

There are a lot of reasons it happened. There is a history of Charlie making it through four hours in the car and the discussions with nurse and neurologist which center around behaviors and medications, and then -- more lag -- having a behavioral storm.

The visits are necessary and we have been to many more close-by doctors with stunningly bad results. Our neurologist is supposed to be opening another office more close by which would mean not seeing the nurse who's been extremely helpful, but no long ride.

There was no bike ride -- there has not been one after previous visits -- and Charlie, who had many reasons to be fatigued, went to sleep around 9.30 pm.

We did talk about getting his sleep on a more regular schedule.

I couldn't help but wonder, if Charlie carries some deep-set visceral memory of the three of us returning from days with the child development clinic at the Minneapolis Children's Hospital where he was diagnosed 13 Julys ago? And just doesn't feel very good.






'Presuming competence'....even if the words and sentences are too long for him to comprehend, the nuances are not...his body/brain do not work 'right' and need support...medications, behaviors, sensory stuff....must cause fears, anxiety, upset-ness, and worry, particularly for an anxious guy....and his own body/sensory issues, four hours in the car, all add up to worry....a good night's sleep will help!


And hot weather, lag from new classroom/teacher, grandparents enroute, yikes! Hope Charlie slept.

Life Skills Teacher

Have you tried explaining your discussions (before and after!) in Charlie-appropriate language? I know he's sensitive to too much blather -maybe in photos or music instead of words (since those seem to be his most comfortable language....) I know for myself (and most of the anxious students I've worked with) its the confusion/misunderstanding of partially heard/comprehended information (that you know is significant and maybe bad) that us at the root of the anxiety.


Geez, everybody is highly stressed in this heat! And then add the stress of the neurologist visit (with its accompanying psychobabble) and the long ride in the car ... I don't know how well I'd do in this situation!

Charlie hasn't yet developed the self-regulating and self-preserving instincts, like bringing down his activity level, which would help his body cope. Good that he has two parents who love and understand him, and whose calm and steady presence can soothe him. You just keep doing the best you can ... Hope he got a good night's sleep.

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