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Charlie Crosses State Lines

Aside from a very brief venture over the Delaware River and that time he biked over the George Washington Bridge, Charlie has stayed put in New Jersey since, well, our last ill-fated trip to California.

What a big smile he had on his face Fourth of July afternoon as Jim drove us through the Meadowlands, over the GW Bridge and up the Henry Hudson Parkway!

Colleagues in the Fordham theology department were having a party and just so happened to live near a bike path that was once railway tracks.

Charlie made two brief appearances at the party, holding Jim's hand and standing and looking around, returning the 'hi' one colleague said to him (he has met her before), saying 'bike ride yes' before too long.

It was as hot as it has been. They made it to the end of the trail, in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx and back.

Charlie beamed all the way home.

What with a happily unusual day, aforementioned heat, the nap he took in the early afternoon and too many fireworks crackling and booming, sleep is eluding him tonight. New vistas and faces give one much to process.



Morphing from teenager to handsome young man ~


I'm guessing that Charlie loves the familiar wrapped in the unfamiliar. Or vice-versa. I'm so glad to hear that he had such a happy time, doing what he loves in a new setting.

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