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Barney Off, REM On

Fresher Air

Aside from noting that it is a shocking 75 degrees (still humid though; New Jersey must be true to itself), there is not so much to report today. Charlie had a decent school day ending on a bit of an aggrieved note (he tried to pull down the net at volleyball in Adapted Phys Ed -- he is tall) but he got over it.

In general these days, his grandparents anxiety seems to be evincing itself more in anticipation of their coming. I don't think Charlie likes the muddle of feelings he finds himself in regarding their visits. Just as his relationship with Jim and me has changed and evolved now that he is a teenager, so it is with my parents.

Charlie has been mentioning some old toys ('Alphabert,' his old toy computer), a sign that he has been thinking about his earlier days and being nostalgic. He used to get upset to talk about those toys but when he brought up Alphabert on walk #2 last night, it was with a smile, as if he wanted to show he could talk about formerly sensitive (practically taboo) topics and not go to pieces.

The seemingly non-descript bit of our street in the photo is where he took off running last Friday morning (leading to the altercation with tree #1) and where he had a 2nd arboreal altercation on Saturday morning. More than it being (for the moment) under 90 degrees, miraculous is the word for how it felt to walk past this spot without any drama, as if a spell had broken.



"when I was a kid" funny from the 15's perspective.
We all wax nostalgic thinking back to Alphabert.

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