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I can't run as fast as Charlie but I can still run

Fitful would be how to describe how Charlie slept Thursday night -- something about the weather and a feeling in the air. He was cracking his knuckles before 4am and turned on his iPad to something non -restive that I can quite remember. He didn't come downstairs till 6am and reauested a walk. This seemed like nothuing untoward until I found myself putting that batmobil plan into place, calling Jim to hurry over with the black car after Charlie -- it didn't help that he had a wary stare interaction with two boxers who suddenly burst into barking -- ran, walked, ran and looked at me over his shoulder with his face muddled and sullen and ran at top speed in a direction we never take, hit his forehead on a tree and threw himself on someone's grass and rolled.

I think I've had too much practice. I was simply calm as I rushed, talking quietly to Jim, to Charlie and bade him in a very ordinary voice to get up and we'd go home. I held the back of his shirt and watched how Charlie's legs quaked.

We walked and the black car and waving 'hey pal!' Jim appeared and tailed Charlie and me (still holding his shirt) walking home.

Charlie made it, a bowl of apples was thrown, he sat in his brown chair and after twenty minutes he was smiling and he rode the bus to school, which is a small triumph as in previous years we would have had to take him to school ourselves.

He slept a lot when he first got there and had one bite of his morning snack and then a good day. His school is doing some activities around the Olympics and every Friday they're to wear different colors of the Olympic rings. This Friday's color was yellow and, at home, my dad made a point of putting on a yellow shirt too so he and Charlie matched. (Forgot to take a photo.)

My mom joined Charlie and Jim on an afternoon bike ride in hot, heavy air and after dinner, Charlie went to bed and slept, deeply.



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