3 Staples Out of 5
Talking With Charlie!

Jersey City Variation, with Friends

Charlie just woke up at what is a bit of an early hour and is eating a snack / quite early breakfast.

Unusual but Saturday was too. After a morning local ride, we went into Jersey City where Jim and Charlie met friends as they came out of the Holland Tunnel and then biked through the park and Jersey City and Charlie, used to driving off to get Vietnamese food, handled eating it in the car as we picnicked with our friends and their two kids.

It stressed him to do it but he did it. He cried some in the evening, rubbing his eyes with his fists, something to remark upon as i realized he rarely if ever does that. He got through it and slept till, I guess, hunger called at 3am.

And then he was an extremely excellent boy and went up to his room till 6.30am when he came down to ask for a walk (instead of asking to do to so at 3.30am and showing his displeasure when told he had to wait). I don't believe Charlie slept though.




"know thy self" maturity glimmers.

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