A Lesson in Parenting
The Cruelest Month

Long Night Together

Despite a double dose of melatonin, Charlie stood in his room making various noises as 2am approached.

The humidex is supposed to go up on Thursday and bring thunderstorms, a change in the barometric pressure, all that good stuff. Not to mention the five staples in the back of Charlie's head.

After a happy school day and afternoon, Charlie communicated his rising unease by wanting a third walk (two is generally enough; in the photo above, he is just about to ask me for walk #2) and his more dogged need to run sprints. He came back, went to his room and, after he had watched some old favorites (the Goodnight Moon video and some Wiggles)l we heard the thuds that mean he was banging the corner of his iPad on the wall.

He calmed and was quiet then got up at midnight. After a good hour of the standing and noise making, he went to lie down after which I have been hearing a distinctly non-lullabying combination of Arcade Fire, the Pogues, Wags the Dog doing the tango he called Wango it rhymes with mango.

I guess even teenageboy-ness can occasionally override melatonin.

I've been following the euro zone crisis for Care2 blogging so living (being for the most part awake) 24/7 has its so-to-speak advantages. Am reading now what's going in the markets in Europe (six hours ahead) and in Asia (even more hours ahead) rather than getting to wake up to the latest round of gloomy economic news.

Yes, there is always a bright side to burning the midnight (and the 1am, 2am, 3am...) oil with Charlie.


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