So (For Now) We Go No More to the Ocean
On a Long Night, and After Many Many Years, Lattimore

Mind Over Matter

It's not that Charlie doesn't feel record-setting heat gripping the country.

His need (really, a physiological as much as a psychological one) to do his routine activities is powerful enough to push aside physical discomfort.

(This is the kid who could put up with wearing this ghastly helmet for months.)

Charlie and I walked at 8.30am, 12.15pm, 1.15pm, 7.30pm, 8.40pm and there was a cooling in the air by the last two. After walk #3, he was in a great mood with a timer set for two hours; he paced the house while listening to music as i did some cooking. Bike-riding was a sweat-generating affair, you can be sure, so on a second ride at Liberty State Park, he and Jim only did about 6 or 7 miles.

Charlie often has lag about the heat, only realizing his discomfort after the fact ( in minutes or in hours). He started crying in the car as we drove to pick up some Vietnamese take-out at the family-run place we always go too. They know his order by heart.

But Sunday they forgot to make it after I had called it in!

They rushed to do so but I was keenly aware of Charlie moaning in the car. Jim gave him some extra things to drink that I had packed and I raced out with a black plastic bag.

Then we missed the lane switch on the interstate to get to the Garden State Parkway. Charlie looked around wide-eyed at a familiar part of the road that he wasn't so familiar with seeing on rides back from Liberty State Park.

Jim said no problem and prepared to go to the next exit which of course is over 5 miles off and then through the woods but the gas tank was looking very empty.

Suffice it to say, after we got off the interstate, we did a fast maneuver that meant a downhill coast to a route with many gas stations and we got home without ado.

Which is all to say, we are beating this heat.



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