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31 July 2012


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Eileen Riley-Hall

The last line says it all....great post.

Kristina Chew

thanks Eileen! And now I owe you an email. I do think these teenage years are far more challenging than any of the early ones, and yet also better in many ways.


You read his cues so well, and do not rush into 'ABA" mode....'what are the antecedents, what are the consequences'. Sometimes it is just fine to sit with a child in the throws of angst....and not always have to aba him and Floortime him (or her). If he were neurotypical, we would soothe and sympathize, wouldn't we? So this is just fine...good for you and Jim!


Oh, yes ... been there many, many times with this sort of "domestic thing".

You might want to look into installing some extra paneling for reinforcement in Charlie's room. From your description of the aftermath, it sounds like your walls are old plaster/lathe rather than sheetrock. In our old house, we ended up screwing in a big plywood panel over a wall in my brother Stephen's room, as his repeated hitting so weakened the lathe and caused a hole so enormous that no amount of patching would hold. Looking back, I guess we should have invested in some really solid fortification in the first place. But who knew?

As you so well put it, it's just a wall, it's just an iPad ... and thank goodness Charlie used this tool (rather than a part of his body) to "make his impression".

Eileen Riley-Hall

Yes, Kristina. The teenage years are proving far more complicated than I could have imagined - puberty, hormones, body changes, crushes, frustrations, and the gap between Caroline and peers seems to widen every day. But we will figure it out!


Kristina, you guys are pretty thorough, but I wonder about Monica's idea because a twinge that came to mind was asbestos and lead paint. You probably have tested for those, but having had to have those remediated in our older home, they come to mind with I hear about possible contact with particulates.
I also agree - better an object than "self".
Take care.

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