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03 August 2012


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would love to have heard you speak! Great post!

Kristina Chew

If there's a next time, I'll have to bring this list!

Dixie Redmond

Yes to all. Especially not belly-dancing and No. 2 right now.

Kristina Chew

Just trying not to repeat those mistakes....


Well said!


Love this! You help me find the strength to press on during challenging times. Here's to keeping the faith!

Barbara @therextras

Amen! X10

You are mentally brilliant (my diagnosis). Many times over my career I have thought I had the diagnoses of the people around me. Now I think I just relate to their humanity. I completely relate to all 10 & perhaps could tell a story on each one. But in sum I most want to say, here, where I feel safe, that advocacy is NOT about fighting


To #2 and #3, all I can say is yes, yes, yes. Moving from something that's dangerous, to something that's not working to something that kind of works to something that has the best intentions but isn't working, to "we need something different". How many IEP meetings and how many reports and how many tears?

After writing yet another big check to the lawyer, it's off to another IEP meeting next week. And I thought I was socking away money in a 401K for retirement. It's to pay all these bills related to getting a FAPE!

Maybe #10's the best match - Hard Knocks R Us. Sounds like a motto for my next tattoo.

Kristina Chew

@Barbara, that is point #11, it's not about fighting, war, battle. I encounter those words over and over again in discussions about advocacy and think they are not the best way to proceed. A lesson learned in hindsight.

@jasmine, Charlie leads the way!

@Cfer, tons of tears, sweat, and too many emails fired off ..... I never wished I had considered law school until our first IEP meetings. Just to have the legal background and training!

Don't think I'll ever get a tattoo but #10 would be a strong candidate.

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