A Total of 28 Miles
We Make Up the Map As We Go

A New Approach

Jim decided to drive into Jersey City from a completely different direction, via the Goethals Bridge with the initial thought of him and Charlie walking the bikes over the Bayonne Bridge. But after sitting rigidly for several minutes, Charlie issued a string of no's to everything, including riding bikes at all.

Somehow we both knew to respond not by cajoling about him trying something new -- with tones of implicit chiding and censure -- but praising him for enduring the new driving direction at all.

Not only did Charlie hold it together. He and Jim, after we'd ended up in the familiar parking lot of Liberty State Park, rode for about two hours as far as Newark Bay, for a total of 15 miles.

Fortius, altius, citius, as the Olympic motto goes. Braver, higher, faster and farther -- longius -- too.


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