Limbo or Maybe Purgatory
An Epic Day In Its Own Way

Dadless Day

We've been here before.

So. Charlie lay down on his bed around 5am and got up at 7.30am just as Jim, who had attempted sleep but didn't really get it because he was hypersensitive to Charlie standing awake in his room, was leaving to drive to the Bronx to be at two dissertation defenses.

Charlie (after a bit of breakfast and a lot more of the extreme stim thing) wanted a car ride which was fine by me, wanting to execute a plan of getting books for fall classes and the all-important parking permit at my school in Jersey City.

These tasks were indeed completed along with the purchase of a pack of Swedish fish that Charlie ate in the car as we rode over the Pulaski Skyway before falling asleep.

He went straight for the brown chair at home, stirred after two hours and went to the blue couch after saying 'timer.' I set it for five hours and Jim came home before it went off. Charlie had woken and there was more breathy-stimming and then a bike ride that brought him and Jim back after dark.

More of the breathy business -- a really sore throat and a vexingly runny nose? (I've got them) -- and Charlie wanted bedtime and after twenty minutes I found him, fully clothed, stretched out horizontally on top of the blankets, completely asleep.



Maybe allergies? I don't know, sometimes I look so hard for the origin of a stim, and before I figure it out we are on to something new.

One of my sons kept rubbing his eyes and walking around with his eyes closed. I was so worried, but then he stopped completely and switched to fake snoring.
Hope you all get more sleep soon.

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