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26 August 2012


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it is terrific that you have figured out that your facial expressions/words about something totally extraneous might make him anxious...too many people will talk in front of a kid with autism and defend their choice by saying, "Well, he doesn't understand what we are saying"...but these kids do read facial expressions and tone of voice and often feel that they have done something wrong...(since they know it is often that they do indeed do something to make people upset)....keep this message coming through in your blog! I love reading it.

Kristina Chew

I can't say how long it took to figure that out. It seems it should be so obvious -- but I guess because of Charlie's own different ways of showing and communicating emotion and what he knows, it has taken so long. -- Some other friends and I have been talking on and off that our kids really seem to be more emotionally attuned than the (previously presumer) opposite!

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