Passive Resistance, Of a Sort
Limbo or Maybe Purgatory

In Mediis Rebus

You know it's late August when Jim and Charlie have biked over 80 miles in the past 4 days and I finally finished writing a book review. It shouldn't take so long! Or maybe it should; translations of Homer are meant to endure in ways the items in a news feed don't.

I had four writing projects to complete at summer's start and one to go, very much to be completed in mediis rebus (yes, not in medias res, ablative not accusative for the grammarians out there) considering it is two weeks plus two days of Home Charlie and back to the classroom at next week's end.

I finished the review sitting in the car while Jim and Charlie biked 14 miles to Bayonne. Long gone are the days when conditions for writing had to be 'just so' with a desk and quiet. There was a wedding at the fancy 'catering hall, across the parking lot and the band was playing all the oldies, 'Wooly Bully,' 'Johnny Be Good.' of course, I had the goldenest oldie of all.



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