Late Night With the Pogues
Words Can Really Mess Things Up

It's Sort of Like a Slumber Party

We continue to experience insomnia in all possible manifestations. It's the second night in a row that Charlie has, after falling asleep around 10.30/11pm, woken a few hours later, at 2am this time (signaled by the chipper voice of Baby Bop being heard from his room), He had a watermelon and fries snack and then turned on the Pogues, then Barney and we are all bunking out on our first floor where it's a lot cooler.

He and Jim had a great 23 mile day. He was really really good about going to lie down, with a timer on, from about 3 - 7.30am, Saturday morning. It's been humid and in the 90s with thunderstorms brewing -- there was one in the afternoon that brought a spot of rain so Jim and Charlie came back from an afternoon local ride, waited about 20 minutes until the sky was getting blue, then went out again.

Happily, the skies were clearish in the evening so we could go for the last night of the local firemen's carnival we've patronized for years.

Am wagering, weather conditions (with a dash of teenager round-the-clock hunger pangs) are a factor in the latest curious sleep pattern. As those are predicted through Monday, and this is a transition week with ESY ending Wednesday and camp starting Thursday, I anticipate quite a few more nights of on and of sleep!



Kristina, does Charlie sleep better in air conditioning?

Kristina Chew

Hi Linda, We have had the ac running full-time since late May, it seems! Charlie just seems so sensitive to humidity. His room (our bedrooms are on the 2nd floor) stays really cool (more than the other rooms, even) but I guess he can still sense how the air is different. But it is the last month of summer...

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