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Midnight Randomness Reflections / Media Nocte Quaedam Sententiae

A great bike ride followed this photo.

Then Charlie was somber, barely talked, and went to bed right after dinner. He woke around 10pm, hung around in the kitchen with me, went back to bed and to sleep. He just asked in semi-sleep for something to drink and then it was back to sleep, perhaps. He may wake at some odd hour (2.30am...). He does seem possibly congested? Which would explain bouts of stopping and doing ritualistic hand motions and making breathy noises for almost ten minutes twice on a walk Monday night before the wall agitation. He did the same distinctive moves a couple times this afternoon.

I've been thinking how it is pridie Kalendis Augustis, one day before the Kalends of August. Tempus fugit, ergo, carpe dies aestus fugientes! Tamen, calidiores ne fiant.

Time flies so seize the fleeting days of summer. Though, let them not be overly hot.

That's what happens to me after reading too many Roman/Latin references and reflecting that I have been 18 years somewhat among the Jesuits.

It's probably worth noting here that, had things been different, Charlie would have had the option of a Jesuit education, if he so wished. Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re.



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