Aftermath or, After Getting All That Out
The Hours We Keep

No Camp Yes Camp

Post-camp trail riding


Charlie insisted that we load the bikes before driving to camp on Thursday morning.

Several times as we drove up the Garden State Parkway, he said 'no camp.' We said we'd just take a look. He said one 'yes camp.'
Then, a couple more times, 'no camp.'

We made one wrong turn (it's been a year!) then drove in, talked as briefly as we could to the director and Charlie's counselor, went to sit in a bagel shop till noon.

I was all nerves and couldn't focus so I read Homer and eventually eked out a recommendation letter. Jim looked up bike paths and made business phone calls (about the sort of stuff Charlie is better off not having to hear).

Charlie was just getting out of the pool when we drove up. Predictably, he wasn't into the nature segment but liked sports and swimming.
We drove to the northern end of our favorite Jersey horse country bike path and Jim and Charlie did 16 miles in reverse, taking shelter under a trestle during a thunderstorm.

We got Charlie a burrito and he conked out for a couple hours. He was content staying in the house and went to bed but, despite some extra melatonin, I'm not sure (a now familiar pattern) if he slept. I woke to sounds of showering and the Pogues at 3.30am and discovered the need to do a fast load of laundry.

Charlie is listening to ocean waves while we wait to wash and dry the all essential big blue fleece blanket.

We've been assuring him, what a great job at camp and in the rain!

Regular sleep: Still working on it.



Yay camp!

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