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And so on the fifth day, the bike ride hiatus ended, after Charlie woke around 1pm if not later.

There was still plenty of Extreme Stim before the ride, though minus the neck twisting and head turning. There is a great deal of not so much breathy sounds as ones recalling, ah, cicadas.

We continue to work on the ear drops and have been wondering, if Charlie is trying to rebalance his ears and sense of balance and hearing? (All those swims in the camp pool.)

It was a good bike ride with this result for an hour and a half, leading us to marvel at how strong a neck Charlie must have.

Thoughout the rest of Monday, there was quite a bit more of the cicada-Ing, some standing and some sitting in the big brown chair.

I'm off to take the train into Jersey City to attend a few hours of faculty meetings Tuesday morning. Jim has student advisee meetings himself at his school, so I can only stay for part of the day. It's the first time I'm 'back to wok' (sort of) after a fulsome summer of SAHM-ness. I haven't discussed all this with Charlie in so many words; might it be he's doing what he can to navigate the transition he's picked up on?

Oh yes.



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