Words Can Really Mess Things Up
Strife and Rest

Sleep is for the weak, take 2

The new sleep pattern/problem for Charlie seems to be, if he goes to sleep around 9 or 10 or even 11 pm, he wakes at 1 or 2 am. He's been up now for a half-hour.

Well, the thing about a pattern is, you can count on it. So I figured a boy who'd slipped into sleep after a quiet evening might be up in the earliest of hours, listening to the Kinks' 'Waterloo Sunset' (which is really lovely).

Charlie was a most regular sleeper as a baby and up till he was around 9 years old. Yes, I'm feeling a certain nostalgia for those days or rather nights!

This current sleep pattern also seems to involve being awake till around 3 or 4 am after a shower (sometimes a quite long one).

I've often said I can teach Latin at any time and place - 3rd declension I-stems? Subjunctive passive? Indirect statement and the difference between using the 3rd person pronouns vs the reflexive ones? Think I'm going to have my assertion tested in reference to how few hours of sleep you can explain verb conjugations on, with Tuesday and Friday 8am Latin class starting at the end of this month.



Teenage boys= long showers.

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