A Piece From the Charliad
iPad Experimentation (of a Safe Kind)

Some Experiences With Customer Service

We are doing it! We are waiting for the burrito place to open (it was 10.30 am when this photo was taken) and we are laughing.

Jim took a 9am train into NYC for a meeting and Charlie and I went to two banks (because somehow the computers at the first one failed just at the moment I made a request -- second bank's personnel were far more amenable but, since Charlie does not often go to banks, I kept the glowy positive smile-ness a-glowing and he giggled at both places), the pediatricians' to get some health forms for school and thence to the burrito place where, as the above photo illustrates, we were all set to wait the 1/2 hour with the trusty iPad timer and the Pogues when the owner opened the door at 10.43am and said, come on in, and asked Charlie about his iPad and could he have it to which Charlie grinned and said 'have it' and handed it over and the owner took it, laughed, handed it back and gave Charlie a hug.

Charlie was done with his burrito before 11am, before the burrito place actually opened.

We went home and I amused myself by writing that I'm a tenured radical (I am) and Jim came home, there was a bike ride, there were repeated reminders that we are SO PROUD of Charlie because who wants to go to two banks and the pediatricians' and wait for your burrito?

But it's back to the Bronze Age and I can hear dactylic hexameters (Virgil's, Homer's) a-beating in my head just in time for the start of fall teaching, autumno MMXII, pridie Kalendis Septembris.


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