Sleep is for the weak, take 2
Aftermath or, After Getting All That Out

Strife and Rest

From 1 - 7 am on Monday night/Wednesday morning, Charlie was awake. He tried to lie down, had something to eat, sat in the chair, paced mightily. At 6.30 am, the three of us went for a walk and then he dozed till the bus came.

In a phone call before he came home, his teacher explained that he hadn't been his self, though nothing too untoward happened until after APE at 1.30 pm. He signaled the something-wrong-ish by not eating his lunch in the usual order. Going back to his class after APE, he suddenly ran ahead to his classroom where he started to throw things after pitching the blue mat he keeps with him over a railing.

He calmed and got on the bus and took a little rest before a bike ride. Jim's been wanting to get Charlie on a longer ride again, instead of the neighborhood six miles, but Charlie has been adamant. They pass through a playground where Charlie insists on 29 pushes on the swings.

But there was another a nice mom and her daughter in the swing Jim usually sits in by Charlie. Jim sat by a little slide and Charlie went down it after the swings and wailed. On the way back, he wanted a shortcut home, then got off his bike and did some of the long pauses, breathy sounds, hand motions that he does. Jim got off his bike and went over to Charlie who ran down a side street and hit his head on a car.

"Tough incident" Jim texted me as they came home, after he gave our information to the owners of the car.

Charlie's legs were shaking and we had him sit in the brown chair for awhile, his expression grave.

We agreed to go and speak again on Wednesday morning to the owners of the car. Charlie was hungry, then quiet, then talked a little about "Rocco Portia," his uncle and dog we used to see on and off when we were living in my in-laws' house. Then, as he does when very tired, Charlie had hyper excessive levels of energy and ran around listening to music and the shower water ran.

But he was doing this at 10pm, not 1am.

He called for crackers (insisting on the old box with broken bits, not the brand new box) and something to drink. Then he watched some old Barney favorites and was asleep by 11.30pm.

Wednesday is the last day of ESY and school transitions have evoked so many fears, feelings and tumult in Charlie.

I forewent writing about the economic crisis of the day and wrote a little about Homer and the Iliad, a poem that begins in menis (μηνις) and eris (ερις), wrath and strife, and ends with a scene of a son and a father.




All I can think of is, sod the car, is his head ok?

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