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Charlie just polished off a rather large post-midnight snack about an hour and a half ago. He napped earlier in the day after a walk -- first since Tuesday I think -- and a big lunch. He had eaten nothing but apples, watermelon and crackers for about three days so I'd say the return of his appetite is a sign that he is on the mend.

He still spent a fair amount of time after waking up and before going to bed doing the Extreme Stimming, though it seemed a shade less extreme. Our new theory -- Jim and I are ever on the detective trail -- is that it may have something to with his ears being clogged (wax... I'm not inclined to poke too much in his ears lest Charlie start to do so too much himself), plus we had to wonder if seven days of swimming at camp had taken their toll. I managed to get a few ear drops into Charlie's ears; perhaps his head and neck twists and breathy sounds are an attempt to deal with odd, ringing, or some such sensations in his ears?

Daily mysteries, these are.

The wind was picking up here (a little taste of the hurricane that's brewing far to our south?) but Charlie and Jim got in one last turn on the ferris wheel, after which Charlie zoomed through the air on his beloved swing ride. The carnival closes Saturday night and Sunday night Jim has to go into NYC for a departmental function so it was our last night, regardless.

It was good together fun. Charlie smiled throughout the entire ferris wheel ride and waved every time he and Jim caught sight of me -- am a chicken about rides; even a merry-go-round makes me panic. Charlie's love of motion haileth not from his mother.




Pure, honest joy. I love the picture. Rufus also loves rides. I used to be pretty scared myself, but years of practice and I'm now up for all the rides at Dutch Wonderland - a little kid amusement park.

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