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The Hours We Keep

I'm happy to say that, on the camp front, day 2 was great, even though it was raining (down pouring) the whole 3 hours Charlie was there. There was no swimming and a lot of time spent in a covered area with tables; due to the circumstances, they assigned Charlie a 1:1 aide. He smiled when we dropped him off and didn't run quite so fast to the white car at 1.30pm.

We had only dropped him off at half past ten as Charlie woke after 9am, on the blue couch, where he'd fallen asleep around 5am to the sound of ocean waves.

He slept from 3-6 pm after we returned from camp, waking ready for a bike ride and wanting, after a day's hiatus, a walk.

We heard the Pogues at midnight. Then a round of older Disney tunes after a little Charlie Brown jazz music. And then, a dash of a real old Charlie favorite, jazz violinist Sugarcane Harris. Then, the reliable Kinks. And then, Jimi Hendrix.

Yes, a good dose of rock 'n' roll and edgy sounds as would suit any teenage male in the dark hours of the night.

(Charlie doesn't like to wear headphones so what he hears on his iPad, our household hears.)

Apparently the siesta, that 2-5 pm period for a meal and a snooze, is on the wane in Spain. We do seem to be keeping up the practice of a midday break with a late (late) bedtime here.



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