It's Sort of Like a Slumber Party
Sleep is for the weak, take 2

Words Can Really Mess Things Up

It was maybe 2 or 3 am when Charlie fell asleep late last night/ in the wee hours of this morning. I think that's a bit 'easier' than waking up at those times!

It was crazy humid all day Sunday as personally experienced by us and Charlie in particular on walks in the morning and in the sheer heat of the day at 2.30pm, and two bike rides. The second was an 11 miler that started in Liberty State Park and went all the way into Bayonne (Jim has photographic evidence). I could tell Charlie wanted a third walk but it was dark when he asked and he did so much running around the house he probably made up for it.

His mood was good, despite insomnia /curious sleep habits for three straight days. There have been whimpers, of course. And moments when a troubled shadow grips his face and puts a hint of 'fight or flight' in his eyes.

As ever, we cobble together 'protocol' as we go. Gentle and neither excessive nor overly effusive bits of affirmation have helped, as if Charlie needs to be affirmed he is on the right track. It is hard to know because his speech is so minimal, but he must wonder if he's reading right our body language, random mumblings about current events and baseball scores (the latter are all Jim's -- this household is in a pennant race for the first time in our marriage).

I avoid saying "ok' too much around Charlie. Coming from my mouth, it seems (like 'yes') to carry a hint of demand and to mean somewhat the opposite of what most of us take it to.

When I catch up to Charlie on his powerful sprints, I note the truth, he is a great runner. I used to communicate a vexed, anxious tone of worry (of him running off) and annoyance (that he was running at all). But perhaps he's running because he has the urge, or he has the urge to exhibit more 'challenging behavior' but he runs instead -- so if I send negative vibes, I would be telling him he is wrong for his earnest efforts!

Words can really mess things up.



My son is completely nonverbal. I have to watch what I say around him, because he takes things literally.

Kristina Chew

Before, if I mentioned a food or person, Charlie would insist on having it then and there _no matter what_.....

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