Not Sleeping But Sure Wanting To
Better With Dad

A Non-Controversial Wednesday Passes

Waiting for dad inside with music

After getting off the bus on Wednesday, Charlie asked for a bike ride which I think he knew was not going to happen. In the morning, Jim had explained he would be teaching late and not back till after 10pm and Charlie was sad.

I set the timer for 6 hours and got out the bikes.

Woebegoneness reappeared in the afternoon and evening -- expected, as Jim last missed a Wednesday bike ride in May! -- but a nice twist was, Charlie (with me tactfully lavishing on the positive praise) worked through it. 

Due to only sleeping for about 3 hours Wednesday morning, Charlie was tired and dozed for almost 2 hours in his brown chair. When he woke, I put away the bikes and he wanted a quick car ride (something about the routine of taking a little spin comforts) and then we had a pleasant walk in the cool air.

The timer wound down as Charlie paced, ate some leftover rice from the fridge and listened to various Disney songs ("In the Golden Afternoon" -- Alice in Wonderland, that is.) Around 10pm, with Jim's return imminent, Charlie announced that it was 'bedtime' and, leaving the iPad on the living floor playing Sugarcane Harris, he scooted up the stairs. Jim, once home, said good night to him up there.


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