Fragmentary History
What We Did During the Presidential Debate

Teaching is all about the spontaneity


As the above photo attests, it was a good day in my classroom even though we had no AV. I didn't realize the previously broken LED projector had been fixed but I'm glad I didn't. It's most likely not that apparent from the marker mess in the photo but I had one of those ήυρηκα! (eureka) moments when I came up, on the spot!, with an idea to graphically explain the archaeological strata (layers) at the site of Troy.

At 1.30am Tuesday night (i.e., Wednesday morning), I turned off Charlie's iPad after he had thrown a box (found in a closet) of videotapes and notebooks down the stairs. He had put it in his room a few days ago and the throw was one of those furious impulses on his second insomniac night in a row as he had gone to sleep after 3am on Monday night (i.e., Tuesday morning). He had a great day at school Tuesday and managed well with walks and no bike ride on a dripping, soggy gray day.

Technology can be perilous, or at least distracting. Colored markers rule.



Life Skills Teacher

Use both! We love the color options to draw all over the information on our interactive whiteboard! Then we can save it, print it, and use it again in another lesson.....

Kristina Chew

My college students are so, so used to looking at a computer screen seeing me write in the board can be a bit of a novelty !

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