The Monday After
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I Am Not a Pundit But

I got a good taste of stomach-in-your-mouth anxiety such as Charlie must experience all day and into the late hours of Tuesday, checking the US presidential election results. Charlie himself had had more trouble going to sleep with things again shaken up by his return to school but with no bus (because our school district which provides transportation is closed -- they have yet to reopen the schools as some still do not have power and the school district is looking to procure some mega kilowatt generators). Jim and I will be driving Charlie for the nonce.

Charlie got up early, Charlie was puzzled at the lack of school bus, Charlie got right in the white car, Charlie wanted to skedaddle away as we waited for the aides to come meet him. He had a good first day back, with some 20 minutes of asking for the school bus after lunch. He and Jim had a cold yellow jacket bike ride and he and I had a cold, lots-of-sprinting walk.

Jim checked election results, I started talking about putting things in a historical perspective and mentioned the Sicilian expedition in the fifth century BCE and the trial of Socrates, Charlie kept his cheer up.

Jim, facing more fun on too few NJ Transit trains packed to the gills, went to sleep and I checked election results and suddenly on another check on, Obama had won some 220 votes in the electoral college and Romney's numbers were stuck at 190 and advanced little. Charlie went to sleep listening to the sound of the ocean and I read too many articles about the campaigns and what happens next.

Four more years and then who knows what?



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