Exercise is Our Family Thing
Thanksgiving Weekend Summed Up


On a Sunday morning walk (I lost count of how many we've done; there were 3 Saturday with the last at a powerfully fast pace, very fine as it is getting around the zero Celsius mark and of course several bike rides), Charlie and I were walking at a steady clip on the block that intersects with our street. A lycra-and-fleece-clad woman passed us at an energetic pace and said hello.

We kept walking and then Charlie paused to check for traffic, stamped his feet a bit on a crack in the pavement. Still paused, whereas he usually speeds right across the street to our house.

I went to stand by him. He turned his head and I saw a little smile.

Then he sprinted in full glory across the street and I followed (less gloriously but non-pantingly -- Charlie is a great trainer).

He knows when to hold 'em.




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