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06 December 2012


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Wow, that's a great conference. Must feel good to hear all that. Especially nice about the behavior and his having a buddy.


I am hopeful that Charlie will avoid the sheltered workshops. From what you share with us about him, it seems that it would good for him to be in a more inclusive community placement. Good luck going forward. Have you used the MAPS/PATH process for any of his planning?

Kristina Chew

@Thanks, Alice! It was good to have a good-natured conference with good news.

@Think-inclusive, I haven't heard about the MAPS/PATH process, am looking it up, thank you! I'm hopeful he could be in more of a community setting, doing something active, with a job coach. I think it's his behaviors (the worst ones which we always have to account for) keep holding him back. But I know no one would have thought Charlie could ride a bike in traffic, much less for miles, so we will keep on it, as we say -- thank you for the encouragement!


One of the very few things I liked at the residential facility I used to work at, was the job program, or the reworking of the job program they were in the process of doing. I don't recall whether it was students or classes that rotated through the job areas, ie- cafeteria, janitorial, gardening/groundskeeping, clerical type tasks. The students had a chance to try and learn all the jobs. If they could, they could then tell what jobs they preferred, and if they were not able to indicate in some way, data could be used to determine what they might prefer (lower rates of problem behaviors, which did they learn more quickly, etc). Given the number of typical college students who change majors, and the number of people who end up in a job they don't like, perhaps job sampling for the masses would help.

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