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Good lord and thank god our boy doesn't do Disney -- Walt, or Mickey, or the Blue Fairy Is Watching You.

'Protest against the rising tide of conformity': It just happens around here.

(Just to note, courtesy of one-half of my extended family, I know or can suspicion the plot, characters, themes of any Disney movie based on one still or song. The rest of this household is non-Disney-literate. Compilations of randomly ordered songs from movies are what Charlie refers to as 'Disney' -- he's not been able, or wanted, to watch more than a fleeting moment of any of the cartoons -- and Jim grew up with other orthodoxies.)

We are burning the midnight oil, listening to 'This Monkey's Gone To Heaven,' and 'Here Comes Your Man' (Pixies, just as I remember them from the Eighties) and ads for Barney videos (that date to the decade after).



Sister Wolf

Pixies music is always a good choice!


Disney World was fun when my kids were younger but their marketing system was intense even ten-plus years ago: constant phone calls and mailings of colorful brochures designed to make kids beg their parents for another trip to McMouse $$$ Land.
The new wristband system is too Orwellian for my taste.

Kristina Chew

@Sister Wolf, sounds just as good as it did 'eons' ago (when I was in college, ha).

@Jill, We've avoided that marketing deluge! I feel I can guess the products that will show up at McD's and other places just from seeing an image of the latest movie. Having a kid like Charlie can be, _is_, very liberating!

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