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My piece, 'Do we really need a cure for autism?, was published last Friday, 22 February 2013, in the Guardian. It was a very huge honor to say the least. I've had the issues of 'cure' and 'recovery' on my mind since Charlie was diagnosed in July of 1997 or rather before, from the time (around the time he was 18 months old or maybe even 10 months old) that we knew something was not right.

I have to say, I'm thrice and four times grateful for all the dialogue with all of you (here when this blog was called 'My Son Has Autism' and then 'Autismland,' on dear old Autism Vox,,; these exchanges informed my Guardian piece. I've tons more to say on the 'cure' issue -- on the 'mystique of cure' -- in regard not only to autism (which is not a mental health issue) but other things (including mental health issues).

Thank you and thanks to, of course, Charlie for everything and Jim for everything plus plus, plus.


2nd or 3rd of 5 rain day walks

(How to spend a Saturday of straight rain.)



Kristina, good article. Congrats on getting it published in the Guardian. As always, wish you, Jim and Charlie all the best. Take care.

Patricia Wright

Thankful that a new (not to mention LARGE) audience was introduced to your perspective via the Guardian.

And I will be stealing the following statement for future use (citing you of course!):
"If there is a "cure" for autism, it is the creation and maintenance of programs and policies that acknowledge the challenges of autism, build on autistic individuals' abilities, and make it possible for those on the spectrum to live and thrive in the community and in the world."

Kristina Chew

@Patricia, mega thanks in advance! More than appreciate the good work (_cura_) you and everyone at Easter Seals does and then some.

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