Spring Break With Something Besides Spring Fever
Boy. On. Bus.

Our Daily Amusements

In my exceedingly humble opinion, we have made it past the midpoint of Charlie's Spring Break reasonably well.

Waiting on the windy train platform. Striding across a windswept parking lot behind a CVS and a gym and rows of overflowing dumpsters. Driving throughout New Jersey. Only using emergency meds twice so far, two hours too late on Monday with a dent of a result. Writing, more writing (recommendation letters) in the interstices. Increasing our familiarity with all the other people who go to McDonald's too much. Wondering if the work crew who has been digging up both ends of our street will be digging our part next. Talking about Russian politics with Jim. Making coffee. Listening to any two of the following simultaneously because Charlie has commandeered two iDevices: R.E.M., the Wiggles, the Pogues, Toots and the Maytals, Disney stuff, Desmond Dekker. Answering my parents' technology questions. Making coffee. Laundry at any hour of the day -- actually, anything (probably not sleep) at any hour of the day. Writing.

Bike rides, but you knew that.

Saying 'dad' at 33-second intervals for several ten minute segments throughout the day.

(No, I never drink decaf.)

Who needs an 'amusement park' á là Disney when you've got the pageant we do?



Happy Easter.

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