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In the Guardian: On abortion and disability


It's practically a cliché for me to assert that life with Charlie is quite unlike anything I ever could have imagined before he was born almost 16 years ago and that life without Charlie is unimaginable. There's been quite a bit to do these past weeks with teaching my way through the end of the Roman Republic and Charlie's med change which has been (we think we see now) wound up with a spate of panic/anxiety attacks -- things got a bit extreme but there is our boy on Saturday with a freshly done haircut and shave -- so, almost a week after it was published, here is s a piece I wrote on abortion and disability in the Guardian.

A woman must have the right to have control over her body. Easily said by a college junior; believed with equal fervency by a woman whose diurnal rounds are very much directed by others (Charlie, obviously) and who's learned that, sometimes when your circumstances are not all free-and-easy-do-as-I-will-whenever--all-the-time, very good things can sprout.





It costs money.... lots of money... who's going to pay???

Yes, I passed on the testing. Yes, I know the rules. Yes, I've gotten the funding.

But I'm only one of 25%... the other 75% want it done for them... and don't want to play by the rules.

Who's going to care for the children and then the adults if their families can't or won't?? And in today's society... won't becomes more and more common every day.

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