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Why and How I Teach Greek

Nice wide sidewalk

Rather ironically, I finished this Guardian piece on the value of face-to-face interactions in college teaching typing on my laptop across from a student (our one Classical Civilization major graduating this year) who was also typing away on his laptop to finish a history paper (he'd almost finished it the night before but his computer choked, so to speak, and he lost the whole thing). He asked me a few questions and I had some for him (including the name of one of the video games herein referenced, as another student had done a presentation on it in Mythology class two years ago).

Earlier, I had given a book (an interlinear Greek-English New Testament) to another of his friends (he wants to be a minister).

I obviously and absolutely value the Internet as a teaching and communication (and more) tool, know that online education has been a godsend for many and that just because you have a real live teacher in the classrom, she or he is not always being so lively. I've been lucky to have quite a few great teachers and to have seen what more than a few have done for Charlie. Online education is improtant for some kids on the spectrum, but, for sure, not for Charlie. If anyone ever needed a real live human being as a teacher, whose expressions and movements and presence make all the difference, it is him.

(In the photo, Charlie himself is putting away bike gear after a Saturday evening ride in Jersey City, a few miles from where I teach.)


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