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26 June 2013


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Elise Ronan

I like to think that when our best layed plans go awry our children will learn eventually that you can get the same results (ie everyone ending up together after the train ride) just not in the way that was planned.

While I know that Charlie's challenges are far greater than my sons, your stories always are filled with how intelligent Charlie happens to be and his capability of learning and understanding. I think that as nervous as he was and stressed after this adventure, it will help him in the long run to learn that things do work out even if there's a "curve ball."

"Hugs" I know that this was just as stressful for you as for Charlie.

Kristina Chew

I was SO mad at myself for getting on that local road! And there was no recourse once I was stuck. I just kept hoping that the 'positive you can do it! vibes' I was sending through the air would help Charlie.

I am hoping that every time Charlie and our kids realizes that they have again survived catastrophe, it gives them a little boost for handling the next situation!


I really do think that these situations are learning opportunities - for all parties involved. It's just going through them is so darn stressful! And our poor kids can hear the tension in our voices. I try to stay calm (as you and Jim did), but sometimes the situation still gets the best of me! But Charlie did great :)!

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