4 days of bike rides
The semester begins

3 More Days of Bike Rides

On some post on vaccines or some contentious topic that I once wrote, someone left a comment about me being too upbeat about life raising Charlie and  'doesn't she realize her son can't ride bikes forever?'.

Charlie has his own answer.

Charlie and Jim biked from the Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee to Battery Park on Friday.

Bridge ahead.


Yeh, Charlie took Manhattan on his bike.


Back to our familiar environs on the bike path in Jersey horse country on Saturday.

Pastoral scene in jersey


I pulled out the yellow bike for my mom to ride for a short local ride.


Thought my mom could use a spin too.


Off to the urban zones of Hudson County on Sunday.


He's not verbally posing


Waterfront in Bayonne

Jim reckons they're approaching 150 miles.



Who says he can't ride his bike forever? I am 61 and still riding!

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