21st Century Motherhood Looks Like This
4 days of bike rides

Jerry, We Hardly Knew Ye

He waited very patiently.


Somewhere amid cleaning up the faithful white car after Charlie's gastro-anxiety got the better of him and driving in Jersey horse country to meet him and Jim after a swell 16-mile bike ride on the trail (and before another round of carnival rides on a late summer's night), I wrote this piece in the Guardian, "For new university students, Jerry Garcia has always been dead" (and "that guy" Ben & Jerry's named an ice cream flavor after).




I must sound really old to young people because it doesn't seem to me that they have much interest in connecting to generations before them. On a typical weekend at our house the T.V. is on the Disney Channel 24/7 or the computer is hi-jacked by Mindcraft players. When I was young and had only four channels on the T.V., I couldn't wait for the annual showings of "Gone With The Wind" or "The Sound of Music." I don't think the tweens in this house could sit through twenty minutes of either movie.
I enjoy your posts about autism. I was trying to teach my five-year old with autism some of my history about a pet bird I had when I was a young child and he asked me "where was I? In a drawer?"

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