Reaction to the Action
Socrates or Roshi or, The Unmoved Mover

Observations After Standing in Lines

Front of the line.

It is August! That time of year when the weeks (granted, not as many in the past) that Charlie is without school or camp do unfold.

Without particularly trying, I realize I've been readying up for the event at the end of those weeks, the start of the fall semester. I'm teaching my usual round of three language courses (2 Latins, 1 Ancient Greek) and a course on Greek tragedy and my old Oxford Classical Text of Sophocles has migrated to my reading pile. (Yes, we'll be reading the Oedipus plays though rare is the student I've known who did not read Antigone in high school if not earlier; we will also be reading a long-time favorite, Philoctetes, plus all of Aeschylus' Oresteia plus some Euripides.)

We have continued our tour des carnavals en New Jersey. Wednesday that entailed heading south rather in the direction of the ocean to a fire men's fair with a very tall ferris wheel, overall excellent rides, a bit of seafood along with the usual Italian fare (and Polish) and so many, so many middle school-aged and younger kids you'd guesstimate college enrollments will be bursting in the decade to come. Maybe.

Charlie waited cheerily in long lines, had a small bit of much-requested-for ice cream (I'd really prefer to avoid it but Experience has shown, a measured amount provides satiety in a way that 'no no no' can never) and was easy-going when told on Thursday that we'd go back for more Ferris wheel rides 'tomorrow' (i.e., Friday).


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