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The Old Order Restored

Restorative or, Recovering From the Holiday We'd Prefer to Do Without

Needless to say, Charlie was glad to be back to school last Wednesday and Friday. We had a great time the past few weeks -- he and Jim biked over 200 miles -- and it was reassuring to have my parents staying till the day before Charlie returned to school.

This time off from school, Charlie seemed to have something like a physiological reaction to it and to be nursing a sort of low-grade cold (sniffles, on and off fevery) the whole time. His sleep pattern was (no surprise after these past few years!) highly erratic and his stomach as-usual-sensitive.

Nonetheless, Saturday he was as game as ever to get up early and see us strap the bikes on the white car, then only did a few miles in Jersey horse country after having a nauseous bout. Restored after a rest at home, we got him a burrito from one of the few remaining locations of his favored Mexican fast food chain in New Jersey and a swell high-flying ride on the swings on the boardwalk (after which he couldn't help sprinting through the parking lot).

Charlie didn't sleep much Saturday night and was up early for bike ride. He settled in for a 90 minute nap after a good lunch and then it was back on the bikes to lead Jim through Jersey City and Bayonne under the bright blue September sky. Charlie then came home, checked that his lunch boxes were on their shelf in the refrigerator and went to sleep around 7pm.

It was pleasing to us all to say throughout the weekend that not only would Charlie have school tomorrow, but five whole days worth.

Yes, we are still in the process of recovering from the 'holiday.'


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