Why I Don't Bother With the Gym
4 Reasons It's Been An Interesting Week

Antidote to Blue Monday

Always orderly.

Charlie slept all Sunday night (6pm - 7am) after a no-sleep-night and two 8pm - midnighters. He was balky slow with the bus waiting outside: He spied a bit of leftover rice, had to eat it. (Well, he hadn't really had any dinner.) He wanted something to drink. He found a hamburger and, that, too (two burgers actually) had to be consumed. He wanted more to drink. He went up to his room. He wanted more to drink.

I drove him to school (after we dropped Jim off at the train.)

It can't always be so, but moving on Charlie time with Charlie (so he can get all of his thoughts, needs, accoutrements internal and gear-wise, lined up) is often the better way.


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