Burning Questions (since a life-changing move is imminent for us)
The Snowy Bike Ride

Musings About Some Laws of the Universe

There's Moore's Law and there's Murphy's Law and I wouldn't quite say it is Charlie's Law that the only time he requests that I sync, reorder, refresh his iPad is at 11.30pm or after. But.

(I just sent an hour doing that and it's now half-past midnight).

Double fries.


Between strangely warm and wet weather, and the fact that it is three weeks before a Big Deal Things (moving to California), Charlie had more of a tough time at moments this week than he has in quite awhile. There were three incidents, all in vehicles (two in the white car, one on the school bus coming home on Friday) and, in two instances, while said vehicles were moving. Every day at school was great.

There also wasn't enough bike riding with the wet and darkness and that probably affected stomach comfort/created stomach discomfort on top of butterflies of anticipation. On Tuesday afternoon there was a neurologist appointment; while Charlie made it through the actual appointment quite well, he had lag afterwards -- something about being at a doctor's office, before observed and commented upon in a way that is very different from that with us or his teachers. We have time and again tried to explain this to the neurologist but, well, obviously Charlie will have a new neurologist (and everything) very soon; time to start afresh.

Thursday there was an 8 mile ride to the hamburger stand: it is the case (a universal law, at least in our household) that a solid stint of execise does Charlie good.


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