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31 January 2014


Cori Rivers

A full-time behaviorist sound good (assuming it's different from the last school since you mentioned it). Rufus is entitled to 24hrs of "Intensive Individual Services" through the Maryland Autism Waiver. Getting 24 hrs in, outside of the school day with a behavioralist who has another full-time job and a personal life, can be difficult. Regardless of the number of hours though, we have found that Rufus benefits a lot from his IIS time. Sometimes time with a non-parent who can be more focused and less irked by community "difficulties" can be very productive. They've worked on load and chaotic environments, waiting patiently, ordering food and dealing with money, not wandering off, going to movies...All of these were real challenges for Rufus, and he does a lot better now as they continue to work on them. Plus, he has a really good friend who understands him.

Anyway, here's hoping that getting into transistion mode quickly translates into quickly getting out of transistion and into the new normal.

Kristina Chew

I'm thinking time with a non-parent can indeed be very helpful. Charlie went on very few trips into the community at his old school and to places like a movie theater (for a special showing just for kids from his school) or a farm museum (that he'd visited a couple of times). But most of his 'into-the-community' experiences in past years have all been with us. -- We are maybe starting to enter the 'new normal, though I suspect I shouldn't hold my breath!

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