You Were Great Spring Break But Now It's Time To Say Good Bye

So this Jersey guy moved to Berkeley

I knew Jim would get at least a little Jersey-sick out here. Nobody was ever so quick to identify himself as being from the Garden State and to find himself confronting semantic quandaries like this one I spotted on the UC Berkeley campus.

And Jim really has been suffering from cognitive dissonance about the sign for Berkeley's Cheese Board, a place that I consider home sweet food.

Charlie had a good week back to school after Spring Break. Jim has continued his research into waterfronts, bike paths, and waterfront bike paths on the left/best/west coast, leading us to a Saturday venture down to the meadowlands near Newark.

It is different from the one where Jim's great aunts once cooled their heels behind lock doors, highballs in hand.

Some things, though, stay the same.

Or maybe not.


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