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Parents Night

It was Parents Night Wednesday at Charlie's school. Amid talking to other parents, Charlie's teacher, behaviorist and principal, I didn't give myself enough time to take a good long look at the wall with the photos and names of all the students.

Whereas his old school, the Developmental Learning Center, in New Jersey had approaching 200 students, Charlie's current one has just under 30. Before going into his classroom, I scanned the wall and found Charlie's photo on the lower left.

Charlie is learning how to add and subtract using an abacus and to identify common signs ('enter') and 'wh' words. His desk was neatly arrayed with Velcro strips and laminated cards bearing icons of clocks with the time for different activities for the day. On the wall, beside a (real) clock, there was a photo of him at his work assignment, cleaning a local auditorium.

He's now working one hour a week (and has four checks of $8 each in pay). This will be upped and there are plans for Charlie to try out other jobs on site at a hotel and in an office. Another potential site (though I don't think it's yet as likely) is the Berkeley Rep where, years and years ago, I saw John Millington Synge's The Playboy of the Western World.

Very glad we got Charlie out here.



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