Pears Bearing Apples Redux
As the Bird Flies, Charlie Rides

An "Ego Sum Spartacus" Memory


In the midst of writing quiz questions about Spartacus, I recalled how, the other night, I was giving Jim​ good reason to laugh at me  as I slogged through the full uncut version of Stanley Kubrick's 1960 film (it got to the point that I dug out a Roman history book; I can always use a refresher on the Gracchi).

I have been thinking, there is a connection between the famous "Ego sum Spartacus" moment and "what you do unto the least of mine you do unto me," Carl Malden version, as delivered by me once upon a school meeting somewhere in central Jersey back in the day when I was writing posts like this

Now I try to save the histrionics for my students and keep up with my boy.



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