Last Day of 12th Grade
Tippy, We're Not in Jersey Anymore

So Great a Mass


I've taken a swerve away from translating Seneca to return to my old friend Virgil and his Bucolica -- "cow poems" -- also known as Eclogues -- "selected, chosen" (as I was assiduously following the recent Greek referendum when I got started on this, it seems well to note that εκλογή means "election" in modern Greek). Bits of Aeneid have been surfacing (the result of reading Latin since I was 13) including this very-apt-for-caring-for-growing-up-youth-like Charlie line (1.33):

Tantae molis erat Romanam condere gentem.

"To found the Roman people, so great a mass/bulk/heap/undertaking."

Satis dictum est.


Nice colors today.


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