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working classicist in the cloud (東方) & on the ground (西方)


I’m Kristina Chew, mother of Charlie, who has autism and intellectual disabilities, and a classics professor and translator of ancient Greek and Latin poetry and drama. I'm happily married to cultural historian James T. Fisher.

After starting to blog about Charlie in 2006 at My Son Has Autism/Autismland, I have been writing about him on this blog. This post from 26 July 2005 (Autism: Not Exactly Heaven on Earth But Not a Daily Hell) provides something of an explanation of what We Go With Him is about. This post Once Upon a Time I tried to Recover My Son From Autism (originally published in 2009 on notes one stage in this journey.


ancient Greek & Latin poetry & language >> Homer, Sappho, Catullus, Vergil >> autism, intellectual disability, neurodiversity << 3/4th generation Toisan Oaklander << 1968 :: We Shall Fight, We Will Win :: London Paris Rome Berlin >>>> walking the long road with my best pals James Terence Fisher (cultural historian of American religion emeritus at Fordham University) & Charlie (most excellent [ἄριστος] young man, 60,000+ miles of bikes together)