Not a bathroom story; or, more on Charlie's words (#11)
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Autism is an epic poem (#12)

July 1st bike ride
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A quick follow-up to post #11, "Not a Bathroom Story," which was about a tough thing that happened Friday morning, namely that Charlie put a dent in our living room wall with his head. So now he has a bruise and the resale value of our house continues its downward slide. (I don't mean to make light of a serious and health-endangering subject such as self-injurious behavior. For the record, we've been in heavy consultation with professionals of every sort--medical, behavioral, educational--to help Charlie.)

But Jim and I have learned that, just because it happens, the day is not over and Charlie is the best kid we could ever have dreamed of and autism is not a tragedy. Autism is an epic poem full of adventures to places you've never been, hair-breadth escapes from the sorceress Calpyso's island and man-eating monsters like the Cyclops and from tight situations (Scylla and Charybdis), meetings with amazing people you could never have imagined (for Odysseus, the gracious Phaeaecians and beautiful Nausicaa; for us, it's the ever-growing ranks of Charlie's therapists and teachers)----wait a moment, this sounds like Star Wars (escaping from that trash compactor and the Death Star for a start) and there is something of Luke Skywalker in Charlie (Luke is "lux," Latin for "light," which Charlie brings everyday to our lives, and, while he's not yet traveling through the heavens he does seem to fly in the swimming pool; Charlie's a boy of untapped heroic potential). Here he is, launching off into his 4th of July weekend. Sit vis vobiscum!


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